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Boiler Service North Tyneside

Boiler Service North Tyneside. Heating and hot water are an everyday necessity which we expect to be available at any time of the day or night. However, in order for this to happen your boiler needs to have some care and attention to make sure it is working safely and efficiently.

What is covered on an annual boiler service?

An annual boiler service is a thorough safety check, inspection and testing of key components. It will ensure that the boiler is working to its maximum efficiency and keep your energy bills as low as possible.

A service can also identify any wear and tear on components before they cause a major problem. In addition it will also ensure that any products of combustion are correctly and safely discharged through the flue.

Boilers which are not working correctly or have not been well maintained can produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) which is a highly poisonous gas. Above all this gas can be especially deadly because you can’t see, taste or smell it.

In conclusion, regular servicing helps to ensure that your boiler is working efficiently to the manufacturers specification

Boiler Repairs

Unfortunately, all boilers of any age can develop faults or break down. I will methodically diagnose the fault and help you to understand the extent of the problem. After that, I will explain what is required to fix it, and cost of the repair.

Boiler Repairs – do all repairs require new parts?

Not all repairs require new parts, but if it does I will only replace what is required to fix the problem.

I only use reputable merchants supplying quality components to get your heating and hot water back on again as quickly as possible.

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Boiler Service
Boiler Service North Tyneside