Gas Fire Service and Repair

Gas Fire Service and Repair

Gas Fire Service and Repair is another service we offer at SKP.


Just like your boiler, your gas fire also needs to be serviced annually. This is to make sure it is working safely and efficiently.

A gas fire differs slightly from a modern gas boiler which is usually sealed from the room. Boilers take air from outside and above all any harmful gases are discharged through the flue to the outside.

A gas fire takes its air from the room and the exhaust fumes go up the chimney. Therefore it is extremely important to make sure that the ventilation and flues/chimneys used by the fire are clear and working effectively.

Full Gas Fire Service

A full gas fire service involves checking every part of the fire. In other words to make sure it is in good physical condition.

The service will also cover checks of the installation pipework and any air vents and flues used by the fire.

It is particularly important that the chimney is checked. In addition this is to make sure that harmful gases, including Carbon Monoxide, are being removed safely. Similarly we check ventilation routes are clear.

Gas Fire Repair

If you notice your gas fire is not working normally (for example, the flames are yellow and floppy, instead of blue) you need to call as soon as possible.

Do not leave it until the annual service is due.

This would indicate that the gas is not burning correctly and could be producing harmful levels of Carbon Monoxide.

I service and repair all makes of gas fires including inset and wall mounted.

Gas Fire Service, SKP
Gas Fire Installation
Gas Fire Service and Repair
Gas Fire Service and Repair

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