Gas Cookers and Hobs

Gas Cookers and Hobs

Do you need to have a gas cooker and hob installed? Cooking with gas is a great way to prepare your favourite meals.

Is it illegal to install your own Gas Cooker?

If you want to install a new gas cooker (or a second-hand one) the regulations say that it must have a gas safe engineer to connect it up. The regulations state it is illegal to connect it yourself!

When installing a new appliance, that appliance must be commissioned and set up correctly. Above all this is to make sure it is safe. Furthermore we need to ensure that the room it is being placed in is suitable.

The gas cooker will need to be:-

  • physically stable
  • securely fitted
  • properly connected to the gas pipework.

Gas Flames

The flame on your gas appliance should be blue and stable.

If the flame is orange and floppy then the appliance is not working correctly and should not be used. 

The orange colour means that there is incomplete combustion of the gas, which may emit unsafe levels of carbon monoxide gas.

Gas Cooker and Hob
Gas Cooker and Hob Installation North Tyneside

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