Homeowner Gas Safety

Home Owner Gas Safety Record

If you are thinking of selling your property you may want to think about having a Home Owner Gas Safety Record. It is NOT a legal requirement, however, a home owner gas safety check is advisable as it may not be included in a homebuyers or structural survey. Importantly, it will show that the gas appliances in the property are safe.

Selling your home Gas Safety checks

A Gas Safety Record will check that all gas appliances are safe including cookers, hobs, fires and boilers.


Here are some frequently asked questions we are asked about home gas safety checks:

Do I need a gas boiler safety certificate to sell my house?

As a home owner it is not a legal requirement, however it is strongly advised. However, if you were buying a home to rent to a tenant, it would be a legal requirement.

Is a gas safety certificate the same as a boiler service?

No, there is a difference.

A gas safety check on your boiler will ensure that it is running safely. However, a boiler service will include a more detailed inspection, clean and maintenance of the boiler.

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