Radiators and Pipeworks

Radiators and Pipeworks

Radiators and Pipeworks are fundamental in keeping your home warm and cosy.

Sometimes you might find that a radiator just isn’t getting hot. If this is the case then there could be a number of reasons. Firstly, this could be a faulty valve or a blockage in the pipework. If, however, there are cold areas on the radiator it could be a build up of air or sludge inside the system.  

Can faulty radiators and pipework be repaired?

There are a number of options to get your system heating up properly. Radiators can be removed, flushed and refitted. Alternatively they can be replaced with new.

Another alternative is to chemically clean and flush the system to improve the circulation. I can subsequently add Inhibitor to prevent the build of the sludge inside the radiators.

Can you remove radiators for decorating rooms?

Yes. If you are decorating a full room and want to get an even finish behind the radiator give me a call and I will remove it for you. After that, once you have finished decorating I can re hang them and make sure they are heating up nicely.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

To get the best efficiency from your heating system, fitting Thermostatic Radiator Valves can help you control the heat in individual rooms. This is a cost effective way to improve to efficiency of your heating system and above all keep your energy costs down.

Radiators and Pipeworks
Radiators and Pipeworks, decorating
Thermostatic Valve

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